intoDNA to present at the 5th Annual DDR, ATR and PARP Inhibitors Summit

intoDNA will present new results on STRIDE at the 5th Annual DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit in Boston, MA. The results are from joint research with AstraZeneca on STRIDE as a new biomarker in liquid biopsies and FFPE tissue sections.

KRAKÓW, POLAND, 24 January 2022 – intoDNA proudly partners with the 5th Annual DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit and will participate in this industry-led forum once again this year. intoDNA’s founders, Magda Kordon-Kiszala, CEO and Kamil Solarczyk, CTO will join world experts in DDR inhibition to propel this space through the barriers it faces to clinical breakthrough. They will present recent data on intoDNA’s proprietary STRIDE technology for direct and sensitive DNA damage detection in a collaborative study with AstraZeneca. In this study, STRIDE was used to label single- and double-strand DNA breaks in human PBMCs and FFPE sections from breast, ovarian and prostate cancer biopsies.

It is our great pleasure to join and partner with the Summit once again. Every year, we look forward to this key biopharma conference on DDR therapeutics, as it is the only dedicated forum that brings together key leaders in this exciting space. This time, we will share our newest data on STRIDE as a biomarker in liquid biopsies and FFPE tissue sections from cancer patients.

says Magda Kordon-Kiszala, CEO at intoDNA.

intoDNA has participated in the Summit every year since 2019, proudly partnering since 2020.

The conference, once focused on DNA damage response and PARP inhibition, has evolved to reflect progress in the DDR therapies field and includes focused content also on Wee1 and ATR inhibitors for cancer therapy and emerging targets such as Polθ, WRN, ATM among others. The 5th Annual DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit is dedicated to bringing next-generation DDR therapeutics to the clinic and finding optimal treatment combinations to expand application in multiple cancer indications. With its highly sensitive technology for direct detection of DNA damage, intoDNA is part of the DDR expansion and provides unprecedented precision to many drug developers in this space.