Magda Kordon as an invited speaker at the DNA Repair/Replication Structures & Cancer Conference

Magda Kordon was invited to take part in an exciting session dedicated to DDR-based cancer therapeutics alongside Mark O’Connor, Helen Robinson, and Timothy Yap at the 5th DNA Repair/Replication Structures & Cancer conference end of April 2022.

CANCUN, MEXICO, 28 April 2022 – CEO of intoDNA, Magda Kordon, will take part in the Targeting DNA Damage for Cancer Therapy session at the DNA Repair/Replication Structures & Cancer Conference on April 30th. She will discuss how STRIDE technology is being used to advance DDR inhibitor drug discovery and development. The session will be chaired by Mark O’Connor, Chief Scientist at Early Oncology Discovery at AstraZeneca. Magda will take part in discussions about DDR-based cancer therapeutics alongside Helen Robinson, VP of Biology at Artios Pharma, and Timothy Yap, Medical Director at the Institute for Applied Cancer Science, MD Anderson Cancer Center. They will highlight new DDR agents entering the clinic, challenges & opportunities associated with developing new DDR-based medicines, and explore the application of STRIDE for translational research.

DNA Repair/Replication Structures & Cancer Conference

This year, the 5th edition of the Conference will focus on structural and mechanistic insights into dynamic complexes acting in DNA repair. The meeting program will highlight the interface of DNA repair with replication, transcription, and other cancer-relevant transactions. This fusion of fundamental information plays a critical role in the clinical data interpretation, clinical study design, disease prognosis and etiology, and improving clinical trial success rate. The DNA Repair/Replication Structures & Cancer Conference aims at fostering productive interactions, collaborations, and insights. The conference is one of the key events on the DDR event scene where many speakers present late-breaking advances and innovations in the field.