STRIDE Workshop at the PARP Meeting in Cold Spring Harbor Lab

intoDNA will host a workshop at the PARP Family & ADP-ribosylation meeting in CSHL on March 31, 2022. Magda Kordon, PhD will discuss how STRIDE enables scientists to label single- and double-strand DNA breaks at a new precision level giving them a better insight into mechanisms of action and pharmacodynamics of DDR inhibitors as well as other genotoxic agents.

COLD SPRING HARBOR, USA, 25 March 2022 – As part of the fifth Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on PARP Family & ADP-ribosylation, intoDNA will host a STRIDE workshop. It will be a comprehensive guide to using STRIDE for better insights into drugs’ mechanisms of action, efficiency and pharmacodynamics. The meeting regularly brings together researchers from disparate areas with a common interest in PARP and poly(ADP-ribosyl)action. intoDNA workshop will complement to the meeting program and cover innovation in the DNA break detection space. Additionally, the CEO Magda Kordon will share unpublished translational data on STRIDE as a new biomarker in the poster session on Thursday 31st March 2022. Full list of accepted abstracts is available here.

I am delighted to be back at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in a new capacity to share insights on our technology. It has been several years since my time at CSHL as a graduate student at Prof. Lloyd Trotman's Lab. CSHL shapes contemporary biomedical research and it is the best place to showcase our unpublished work.

says Magda Kordon-Kiszala, CEO at intoDNA.

STRIDE Workshop at the PARP Meeting

intoDNA workshop will include:

  • Overview of insights into drugs’ mechanisms of action, efficiency, pharmacodynamics, and safety with STRIDE
  • Comparison between STRIDE technology for DNA break detection and other tools, including antibody-based IF assays
  • How to design a robust, informative study applying STRIDE technology combined with other assays, including analysis of various DNA repair markers
  • Application of STRIDE in different types of biological material, including FFPE liquid biopsies or solid tissues

The workshop is open to all PARP Family & ADP-ribosylation meeting attendees. Registration guidelines are available on the conference website.